About Us

It all began with one beekeeper, two farmers, and a few hives… this was the humble start of Edisto Gold Honey. Today, we have hundreds of hives, work hand-to-hand with five different farms, provide pollination services, and offer bee rescues while caring for one of nature's most invaluable species, the honeybee. Humility, however, is still a part of our culture, as we really have the bees and the natural bounty of the Lowcountry to thank.

We are passionate about keeping the Lowcountry buzzing with our most-essential pollinators and keeping certified SC honey in the hands of our customers. With this in mind, we work hard every day to protect our bees and provide them with the best possible circumstances to be successful. In return, they provide us with "Lowcountry Liquid Gold," and we have the privilege of sharing that with you.
Edisto Gold Honey is Proudly Certified South Carolina

A Certified South Carolina Product

Support local, family-run agriculture when you shop with Edisto Gold Honey. All of our honey products are crafted using hand-harvested, small-batch honey from South Carolina honeybees & hives.